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We are an award-winning innovation and grants consultancy that has successfully helped some of the UK’s most innovative and disruptive SMEs identify, apply for and win grant funding from the following funders;

  • Innovate UK
  • Health, Agritech, Energy, and Biomedical Catalyst
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)
  • European Space Agency
  • Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

Why choose us? We are winners of ‘R&D Grants Consultancy of the Year and have a success rate 25x higher than applying directly, as such we are regularly recognised as the industry leader in grant funding. Our applications consistently score in the top 10% across all Innovate UK schemes and we are only UK Grants Consultancy to offer a ‘High-Score’ guarantee. Whatever grant or innovation support you require, our expert team is here to help you win, innovate and grow💡

Our Success

Our Success

Successful applications
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~% success rate

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  • 5
    Without a doubt amongst the best grant writers out there. Mark is a legend! £350k secured!
    Without a doubt amongst the best grant writers out there. Mark is a legend!
  • 5
    The guys at Tatton Consulting Mark and Lewis in particular are true professionals. They offer a comprehensive level of service and support for clients wishing to tap into various business development grants such as Innovate UK. In our case at Origin Pharma they have helped us to secure a significant amount of monies, circa £500k which will enable us to drive forward with our digital product development programme linked to RPM- remote patient monitoring for the Pharmaceutical market. Highly recommended, across the board.
    £500k secured at the first attempt!
    Orgin Pharma
  • 5
    Tatton Consulting have been exceptional in all that they have done for us. They very much guided us and wrote for an Innovate UK grant and we got it. Without them we probably would still be trying. I cannot recommmend Tatton Consulting high enough. We will work with them again
    I cannot recommend Tatton Consulting high enough.
    Dr. Mike Davies - Carocellbio
  • 5
    Our experience with Mark and his whole organization was stellar. I have never worked with someone quite like Mark. It was so refreshing for me to give Mark the idea I was trying to express and then just let him develop it. Mark has a very rare gift of being able to take broad concepts and narrow them down into very tangible easy to understand communication. I believe there are very few people who have this ability. We have worked with Mark on two different UK Grant proposals and we were awarded both of them. One of the proposals was for the amount of £4m and the other for £1m. I will definitely engage Tatton Consulting in the future. It was a complete pleasure to work with them.
    £5m secured! Exceptional
  • 5
    Excellent company. We secured IUK grant funding with the help of Tatton Consulting of circa £350k. Will be using again!
    Excellent company – £350k raised
  • 5
    The application is of outstanding quality, particularly in terms of market awareness. The technical risks are sufficiently high to require risk sharing with government. An outstanding case is made for £349k government funding.
    IUK Assessor - Immersive Content call
  • 5
    This is an excellent application with almost every single section being very well thought out with detailed responses
    Digital Health IUK Assessor
    IUK Assessor - Digital Health
  • 5
    Tatton Consulting surpassed all our expectations and delivered a quality application on time. Was great to see Tatton become totally conversant with our future business development needs and help compile all specifics for relevant Grant Funding. Professional approach throughout, with exceptional communication and we would highly recommend for any business looking at various routes of Grant Funding. Big THANK YOU.
    Peter Davies
    MD, Biopaxium Ltd
  • 5
    This is one of the best proposals I have had the pleasure of reading in 10 years of assessing projects. It is truly a model for how InnovateUK proposals should be completed. Well done to the team involved and i wish you every success with your endeavours.
    Innovate UK Assessor
    Grant Assessor
  • 5
    Excellent services at very resonable prices!! Extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. And most importantly, they have a great team that and truly transmitted our idea to help us secure some much needed Innovate UK funding to carry out our project. Cannot recomend more highly.
    Nicole Boroumand
    Engineer, Aglaris
  • Mark is a fantastic grant writer and really supported us through the process. We have had a 2 / 3 success rate so far. Even after the application was completed, he then helped us through the process to secure it. He is also very good at working independently with limited information (!). Couldn't recommend him highly enough.
    Lise Honsinger
    Financial Director, Ooho!
  • 5
    I started working with Tatton in 2017 and we have already successfully secured two grants worth more than £130k for our innovative technology. I would highly recommend.
    Pierre-Yves Paslier
    CEO, Skipping Rock Labs
  • 5
    I worked with Mark in 2015 to successfully apply for a £150k R&D grant to support the development of IoT technology for rural Africa
    Nathalie Tulip
    Grant Funding and Operational Support for Start Ups
  • 5
    • Working with Tatton to secure £100k+ on such a complex project is like working with a partner, which is how it should be.
    Trevor O’Hara
    Founder & CEO at Workabode
  • 5
    I worked with Mark in late 2015 to successfully secure £100,000 in grant funding from the UK Government
    Gene Myers
    Software Product Professional