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£250,000 IUK grant secured to help detect and prevent AI fakery in music

In an era where technology continuously reshapes our creative landscapes, the realm of music production is no exception. As the boundaries between authenticity and manipulation blur, the rise of AI-generated music raises questions about the integrity of musical compositions. Fortunately, the same technology that gives birth to these sonic creations can also be harnessed to…

£1.4m secured in Innovate UK grant funding for two innovative MedTech clients

Excellent start to the week. £1.4m secured in grant funding for two innovative MedTech clients in the oncology space with scores above 85%. New funding opportunities open all the time for the right innovations. If you want to work with the best, get in touch with Tatton Consulting – the UK’s No1 Grants Consultancy  #grants #medtech #advancedmedicine #grants #TattonConsulting…

£1,345,544 won from the Innovate UK Advanced Precision Medicine call

Excellent end to the week – another £1,345,544 won in non-dilutive grant funding for clients in the Advanced Precision Medicine industry  Plenty of other opportunities available at the moment in Agritech, Femtech, Medtech, Automotive Tech, Battery Tech and Manufacturing Tech. Best of all Tatton Consulting – the UK’s No1 Grants Consultancy can win big grants for you in…

New grant available – Innovation x Investor = 100% funded project

Future Economy Investor PartnershipsUK registered businesses can apply for grant funding alongside private investment from selected investor partners. New grant available – Innovation x Investor = 100% funded project ????Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, has selected a pool of investor partners. These investor partners have demonstrated that they have the credibility,…

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