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How we help.


There’s more to grants consultancy than just bid writing.

What other grant consultants won’t tell you is that most applications are won or lost at the early scoping stage. Understanding what the grantor body wants to fund is critical to success.

From scoping to submission to claiming your funding, we’re with you every step of the way.

Tatton Consulting - The UK's No.1 Grants Consultancy maze-resized How we help

Our Four-Steps to Grant Success.

1. Understanding why you need funding

Whether it be expanding a service line, undertaking market-leading research, developing a new product or simply growing your business – it’s important to be able to describe, define, and detail all aspects of your business.

Funders are interested in results, impacts and deliverables. As such, Tatton Consulting works with you to develop, define and differentiate your business, identifying ways to maximise the amount of funding you can secure. Producing well-defined project plans, document libraries and funding strategies, we’ll help ensure your business is ‘funding-ready’.

2. Identifying fundable projects

Our role is to ensure that all suitable and available opportunities for funding are identified, analysed and evaluated. Keeping your business up-to-date with the funding available to you at any one time.

Funding can be available across a wide variety of established sources. Ranging from grants, awards and tax credits, to tenders, angel investment and private equity funding.  We scour and source funding on a local, regional, national and pan-European basis.

Our aim at Tatton Consulting is to become your ongoing funding partner; an expert resource and first port-of-call in all aspects of funding and fundraising for your business.

3. Preparing a winning application

Applying for funding or tenders often involves over 100 hours’ worth of work, preparing documentation, gathering supporting information and justifying your case for financial support.

Every application is unique.

Tatton Consulting research, write and deliver high-quality applications in response to the increasingly competitive and frequently complex fundraising process.

If you’re applying as part of a consortium, we’ll manage and coordinate all stakeholders,  too.

We view all projects as a partnership. Combining your innovative ideas, technical know-how and industry understanding with our strategic expertise, grantor-body insights and proven experience across 50+ funding schemes, to ensure your application is as strong as possible.

4. Maximising the funding awarded

Funding is often only available for drawdown after an extended review and negotiation period with your funding body. And then against agreed project milestones, progress and spending.

Tatton Consulting manages this complex process on your behalf, supporting with required reports and documentation and helping manage the relationship between your business and your funding body throughout the duration of the project.

We maximise the amount of funding you receive through negotiation, compliance and continued support.


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