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Services & Pricing.


Supercharge your chance of success.

Applying for a single grant directly can take over 150 hours of your time… and still only has a 5-15% chance of success.

Tatton has the highest success rate in the industry, bringing together 30 years’ combined expertise across 500+ successful applications in a tailored, success-focussed way. 


Tatton Consulting - The UK's No.1 Grants Consultancy pexels-kindel-media-7105867-scaled-e1669984030696 Services & Pricing

1. Application Optimisation.

A review and recommendation service for existing applications. Providing key insights into what Innovate UK assessors are really looking for to increase your chances of success.

  • Extensive scoping workshop on positioning and key areas of focus
  • Winning Templates, Structures, Examples, and Key Phraseology
  • 3 x Reviews with track changes, edits for clarity, recommendations for improvements, and highlighting missing information
  • Support and guidance on preparing your Project Costs & Submission
  • Dramatically increase your chances of success for a low-cost.
Tatton Consulting - The UK's No.1 Grants Consultancy jason-goodman-LR5CYw3AQNo-unsplash-1 Services & Pricing

2. Full Application Support.

Our most popular service, offering end-to-end application support. Including scoping, writing and submission preparation to save you time and supercharge chances of success by x25.

  • Expert advice and hands-on support on the scoping, preparation and submission of an application.
  • Help build consortia and pull together Project Costs.
  • Save you over 100+ hours of drafting time.
  • Expert reviews, polishing, and project scoping.
  • Resubmission support at no additional cost.
  • Increase your chances of success from ~5% to ~75%.
Tatton Consulting - The UK's No.1 Grants Consultancy success-3-resize Services & Pricing

3. Your Grants Department.

Our ongoing, comprehensive grants support service across multiple projects, from initial scoping to preparation, to sign-off, plus grant management and compliance.

  • 12-months access to our industry-leading application toolkit,  templates and bid writing services
  • Identify opportunities throughout the year, supporting on multiple grant applications to support your ongoing R&D
  • Lead the preparation of funding applications throughout the year, ensuring the best chance of success
  • End-to-end support across the identification, scoping, application and grant management process.
Tatton Consulting - The UK's No.1 Grants Consultancy about-us-resize Services & Pricing

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Head Office: The Innovation Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, WA4 4FS

Manchester Office: GM Digital Security Hub (DiSH), Heron House, 1 Lincoln Square, Manchester M2 5LN


Company Number: GB09073093
VAT Number: GB 213 0344 66

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